Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm so happy with the news here that I feel I must share a bit of it with this community that brings so much joy and light to my life: the same day that Wosonos started in Olmué, 20-X-2011 we had great news for celebration in the other coin of the world:

Basque group ETA said armed campaign is over (BBC News).

Wide space opened in our souls. Same as some months ago, when we were so grateful opening space for peace in the Basque Country (a bit more on it here: . One could breath in the air that peace was coming soon.

I'm sure many Chilean people with family roots in our coin of the world were profoundly touched by these long waited news, same as Pablo Villoch, same as many of you fellow coinspirators.

Let love flow,

Eleder BuM31
Buru-mapak-Open Space Technology-Creativity (Basque)
@Eleder_BuM  (Twitter) (esp)

ttp:// (radio interviews in Basque)

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