Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Berlin 2010 was my first Wosonos just after a few small facilitating experiences. I met there sage, fun and loving people that I feel now somehow as my "world family". I came back to Bilbao with the clear determination to "do more open space".

Last 2 years have made this dream come true and  now, after several OS experiences, I can say that "I can facilitate" open space. Now I'd love to go farer in the no-end way to become a "good" facilitator. And I know that London will be a key milestone on the way.

And I know, too, that beyond the walls and schedules of the official settings, we will continue enjoying this learning adventure all over the open space of life. Yes, we also will still gather, relax, eat, walk, drink, chat, sing and dance together in the pubs and parks,... as far as our two feet take us there.

Are you prepared to be surprised?

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