Monday, May 27, 2013

Presence & balance

When Tom Atlee shares a video, I pay attention to it. These ones came from him. They show great human abilities of presence, balance, concentration,.. the day I started to try meditation, said to be one of the many ways an Open Space facilitator could use to improve :-)!

Michael Grab ( explains his adventure...

The challenge here was making this balance happen within the 5 minute video limitation of my camera... it took about 5 takes to finally get it (AFTER getting to know the rocks). *FOCUS. Relax. the coolest thing is that the camera was able to capture the creation AND natural collapse of the balance before the 5 minute limit. completing the cycle. :)) so here's how it's done. *notice the technique of bracing the lower rocks while placing the next. the top rock acts as a pin to stabilize the whole structure, which is why it is very helpful to use a LARGE rock on top. plus, i like the overall design balance that the large top rock adds. and i love shades of red. as soon as i found that red rock, i knew it must go on top. it was a beautiful rock. :) contemplate, try it for yourself. all about presence in the moment. SLOW down. become the balance. :)
Another gem in a longer one (16´ with relaxing music): Miyoko Shida Rigolo (, 53 years old, with palm beach sticks and a feather,

Laugh, love, live!

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