Thursday, July 17, 2014

Movies that illustrate self-organisation

Michael Wood on the OSLIST (July 2014)

Last night I watched a film called The Dallas Buyers Club. It won a couple of Academy Awards last year. It tells the story from the mid 1980s about how groups of people living with AIDS self organised themselves to source and experiment with various 'unauthorised' treatments. This fringe work ultimately shaped more mainstream treatments. Over breakfast this morning I was thinking about it some more and thinking what a powerful example it was of a self-organising system. There was a complex/wicked problem, a few people stepped forward combining passion and responsibility and invited other people to join them.

Then I started wondering what other movies give such good illustrations of the power of self organisation. When we try to tell others about the self-organising principles of OST it is usually easiest to tell stories and movies are a form of story telling.

I accept that if we live in a self-organising world then all movies will illustrate self-organisation in some way. However, I suspect that some films illustrate it more clearly than others. What movie would you point to as vividly illustrating the power of self-organisation, and why?
The Dallas Buyers Club

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