Monday, December 15, 2014

Under squam rock (Shaun McNiff)

I read this recommendation by Christy Lee-Engel (thanks so much!) on the OSLIST.
"That's really lovely, Harrison. Along with what Michael H wrote yesterday ("Perhaps a bit of conflict in the definition, as it seems to say that listening isn't active participation.") this makes me think of a favorite passage from Shaun McNiff's book "Trust The Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go" (with my emphasis added):
"...keep in mind that people move and act 'freely' when they are allowed to do so according to their personal sense of timing. Some take longer to feel comfortable. Never push and force expression in others or yourself. Learn how to wait with a belief that every person will become involved when the time is right. Invite expression but don't judge people who may be warming-up or preparing themselves on the sidelines. Trust that something significant is always moving inside them."
​Which of course is so Open Space-y too.
love, Christy"
Last day John Paul Lederach spoke in Bilbao. Interesting too. Metaphores, non-linearity, arts, conflicts,...

Arts can be fun and helpful.
So "the fine art of doing nothing" (as Harrison Owen would say) is :-)!
Enjoy life,


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