Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Open Space on the open road (Suzanne Daigle departing to Manila, Wosonos 2016)

Great news from Suzanne Daigle, heading to #WOSONOS2016 in Manila. Enjoy the Wosonos, everybody!

"Hi everyone, 
In 2009, smitten as I was by Open Space, I traded my air miles and flew to Taiwan.  It's where I met Sharon Joy Chao. We were two newbies then. To think that tomorrow at 6 am, I'm heading to Manila - well I'm absolutely thrilled. And I'd love to bring you all with me.  
In 2009, I announced to the world here on this list that I would facilitate or co-facilitate (helper) one Open Space a month. I had just discovered Open Space and boy was I committed. Telling everyone here about my plan was scary in itself but I just had to do it. I kept track and two or three years later, I counted about 30.  My passion and belief in this work never dimmed.  
I also fell in love with our community feeling such deep admiration for the closed spaces being opened with such courage and vision.  I harbored a dream that one day I could go back to my journalist roots, travel the world and write stories about Open Space, visiting facilitator friends everywhere.  I confided as much to Peggy Holman.  That never really materialized but I never forgot my dream.  
Many reasons that I'm excited about going to the Philippines hoping that I might write some of those stories. It's one of the reasons why I created a website which I named "Open Space on the Open Road".  I hope you'll join me there in the days and weeks to come. I'll be blogging, taking pictures and maybe some video too.  Much of this is very new - my first website that I can call my very own. My goal is to share the stories of the ordinary extraordinary people that I'll be meeting on this trip. And if you stop by, please send me a note in the section titled NOW YOU! 
And finally I do hope you decide to join us at the QiQoChat house. I promise that experiencing the World Open Space on Open Space virtually will be the next best thing to being there. You can register here
Suzanne DaigleOpen Space FacilitatorNuFocus Strategic Group

Twitter @Daiglesuz"

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