Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AUGUST MORNING_A time for reflection and invitation (Harrison Owen)

Last message to oslist

Hi dear friends!

I´m very grateful to have a daily 150 min train traject and spend the mornings underworking in my official workplace (what means that I spend quite much of it surfing the net and sharing through twitter and blogs... ).... And I tend to print some pieces for the train traject.

This was the case of HO´s August Morning piece: It was a delight to read it, half yesterday afternoon, half today morning. Thanks so much, Irene, thx so much Harrison :-)!

By (and out of) the way, I´ll recommend another one for French speakers that happened to come before in the reading queue (Raoul Vaneigem sur l´amour).

I had a small comment after reading ho´s piece, but for now and to keep this msg short, I just must reacknowledge that reading the oslist is always so enriching,... and I can´t stop thanking also Suzanne, Chris and Spark for their pieces that I´m reprinting here...

"... what life could be like if we simply let ourselves live fully in the euphoria of the moment without holding back, being ever so present, and if we stopped worrying about controlling or preventing  the asymmetric blues knowing they are part of the normal course of life...And I imagine all of us being so very surprised with the sustainable outcomes that emerge....Who else is up for the ride? I'm in!"

"... billions of small and connected conversations, self-organizing their own insights and futures, hanging together and learning how to deal with the new reality and then sharing their stories with others.  This is the power of the web and the social architectures that surround us now: we are all potential authors of our future and present states.  None of us are innocent bystanders anymore, and thus we all have a stake in creating the solutions that are needed for the myriad acute problems thrown at us from the present moment."

"Let love flow"

Eleder BuM31    Mind Mapping-Open Space Technology-Creativity (eus)   @Eleder_BuM  (Twitter) (esp)

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