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David Swedlow asks an several answer on the OSLIST (August 02, 2011)

Agreed. I would recommend all three of these: "Mindwalk (Mindwalk (1990) More at IMDbPro )",  
Great movie!  I watched it here:
A US politician visits his poet friend in Mont. St. Michael, France. While walking through the medieval island discussing their philosophies of life they happen upon Sonja, a scientist in recluse, who joins in their conversation. The two men listen to the ideas of this brilliant woman and discuss how her ideas can work in their own politician and poet lives. 

        I'll have to check out "I Am"  a worthy successor to Mindwalk.

"Waking Life"

and slightly less enthusiastically ."What the Bleep Do We Know?"

 Also "I heart huckabees" is worth a watch.

A good friend recommends some weeks ago...

Pues aki ya tienes los titulos y un poquito de info sobre las pelis que te he comentado:
The Idiots:
Noviembre  :

ayer miré esta pelicula , oso interesgarria!!!
zeitgeist: moving forward (2011)
(hay un monton de cosas mas de zeitgeist en el youtube)

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