Monday, September 19, 2011


I picked this video from @SunniBrown on Twitter. First thought was just wooow. Then, as ever, I realized there are always more faces on every reality. Reading the comments always is educating. It´s people who owns the knowledge. Each one has a part of the truth. That is,in fact, the spirit of Open Space.

Some comments from youtube viewers...

If any video deserves to go viral, this is it. Please share with everyone you know. TheBillysabu

solar power with a plastic bottle... they live day by day just enjoying life... thinking of other ways to live a natural life... todokiki

love this! love it! - to bad it is pepsi caps all over it     pzest
solar bottle skylight or the like, or look at the related videos for this. It works! They sell commercial products called Solar Tubes that do the same thing for a lot of money. ke6gwf
Of course part of it is also "clever" filming. If you got a camera you will know, that on film dark areas look even darker and filming any bright spots makes them shine even brighter,... YanaFramework

ideas tan sencillas y maravillosas hacen pensar que sí se puede tener una vida sostenible. Pero lo mejor es tener ventanas y aire en las casas  androgynonatus

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