Sunday, September 4, 2011

ONE WORLD BIRTH: help empower to have BETTER BIRTHS

ONE WORLD BIRTH is a unique FREE video website launching 1st Sept featuring evidence-based information and opinions from the world's leading birth experts including:

Ina May Gaskin, Sheila Kitzinger, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Cathy Warwick (RCM), Mary Newburn (NCT), Marilyn Curl (Lamaze International), Dr Sarah Buckley, Professor Soo Downe, Professor Lesley Page, Professor Cecily Begley, Professor Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg, Professor Ngai Fen Cheung, Associate Professor Denis Walsh and lots more leading midwives, academics, obstetricians, authors, doulas, birth educators and birth warriors around the world.

Here is a short video about the ONE WORLD BIRTH project and how together we can help change the world!.

Come join us and help empower ALL women to have better births. The website launches Thurs 1 Sept:

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