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From Circus to the Circle

Matilda Leyser is, as far as I know, part of Improbable, a Theatre company ran on Open Space... or something. I was lucky to see her in Wosonos Berlin 2010, inviting us so graciously and wholeheartedly to London for WOSONOS 2012. They are also inviting us to
Devoted & Disgruntled 7, late February ...
Do you love theatre? Do you find it frustrating? Do you wish it were different? Do you feel like an outsider in your own profession? Have you just started out and need support? Have you been in the profession for years and feel jaded? Is your sector always left out of the discussions? Do you usually dread discussions and meetings? Are you looking for a sense of: community, eldership, mentorship? Are you looking to change things?
I dropped in this older beautiful gem accidentally. What else could I do than bring this story here? OSLIST is a true treasure. Whenever I visit it I feel so grateful!
Hello all, and a bow to Harold.

I wanted to let the list know that I facilitated my first large open space on Saturday - for Circus! I have done several little ones (and many involving just me and Phelim and some
Monkeys!) but this was the first one I had held for a big group. About 130 people.

Before I met Phelim I worked as an aerialist (trapeze artist) for ten years. Meeting Phelim and encountering Open Space all formed part of my climbing back down to the ground- it made earth seem more appealing. I have been earthbound now for 3-4 years so it was a wonderful and big thing for me to bring my learning since leaving the circus world back to that community. 

There was a fantastically diverse turn out: students and elders, traditional and contemporary circus were all represented.

A sample of session titles for you:

-Circus can't tell a story?
-What's the best trick you've ever seen?
-Why do we never feel good enough?
-The space between 10 minutes and 1 hour
-If circus gets well funded and organised where will all the freaks and weirdos go to play?
- corporate whore v serious artist?

And many others....

People asked 'can we do this again?' in closing circle. My first ever aerial teacher who must surely be approaching 70 said he felt re-inspired and I had to hold it together.

Lastly I would like to share what helped me at the start when I felt most terrified. Phelim told me to walk the circle ten times slower than I thought was slow and that reminded me of the last aerial piece I made: it was on a cloud swing (a rope swing) and I spoke during it and described what it felt like. It began with a haiku that went like this:

Oh snail,
Climb Mount Fuji
But slowly. 

After reciting that to the group and walking a slow circle, it turned out it was a smooth downhill slide all the way as everyone got on with it - seasons, marketplace, work....

Thank you 
Matilda  x

... And Lisa Heft´s smart answer next...
Matilda -

What lovely images I have from your description - both of your coming down to the ground and your wonderfully diverse and nutritious Open Space.
Congratulations / brava - they were lucky to have you.

It sounds like you did some thoughtful invitation work there, as well...

And the space...between the space...
...your breathing and being and taking your time.

As much

...oh snail....

Considering to attend Boom Festival next July, a great and artful open space. 

Did you know about it?

Eleder BuM31    Mind Mapping-Open Space Technology-Creativity

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