Friday, June 1, 2012

Open Space "side effects" during 1st Lunch Beat in Bilbao

Yesterday some people gathered in Bilbao to join a Lunch Beat first time in our town (an interesting way to open a bit of connecting space in daily routine at lunch time. How? Dancing! Take a look to the manifesto, you´ll like it!). The inviters (Pink Gorillas) had taken few time to spread the word, people tend to be quite scared to dance here, it was first time,... so, they were (as most of conveners usually are) a bit worried about attendance.

But, very quickly, someone said "ok, no problem, whoever comes is the right people, like in Open Space....".

Yes, they had attended some Open Space events last years and they love it :-)!

And yes! A grin prompted on my face :-)!.

Simple story and (very) gratifying... sure you have many similar ones!

Enjoy life!

Eleder BuM31    Open Space-Mind mapping-Creativity    

pd: some time before Lunch Beat, yesterday I booked the plane tickets for London (go 8-X ; unplanned time + Wosonos; back 15-X,). Hope to join you there,... dancing too :-)!

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