Monday, June 10, 2013

Congrats Jonathan Coe!

I had the pleasure to meet Jonathan Coe the day before Wosonos 2012 began in London. Charming, smiling, open man. Now I know he is the OSLIST Poet Laureate this year, invited by Lisa Heft.

Very happy with these news!
Here a piece of him I´ve loved:

Space Open Circle 
from Open Space Technology - A Users Guide by Harrison Owen
Note: This poem is in the 'found poetry' form. I have made selections from the original text and decided how to shape and punctuate it.
I have removed all the other words from the book - but none from the selected phrases.
The circle is the fundamental geometry
of human communication.

A circle has no head or feet,
no high or low
no sides to take;
in a circle people can simply be
with each other,
face to face.

The geometry of the circle 
and the rhythm of breath.

Show Up
Be Present
Tell The Truth
Let It All Go.

Do nothing and remain

Be prepared
to be

Who ever heard of a square of friends?

-- Jonathan Coe (London, England)
... and here the piece that became him this year´s laureate:


In Stoke Newington Town Hall I fell in love with nothing,
and it was no thing that I loved.

Alone, knowing no-one and nothing I walked the circle
I got present
I was connected.

The empty space of the opening circle.
Profoundly empty,
containing no thing

Through me 
everything and no-thing, in me
the circle, in me
the space, in me
the people, in me
butterflies and bumblebees.  In me
body, in me
mind, in me
image, in me
thought, in me
feeling, in me
sensation, in me

It started at the right time
The right people were the ones who came
The only thing that could have happened
Was what happened
It was over when it was over.

The bees were buzzing
The 'flies were flitting
The space was open.
The circle was squared.

-- Jonathan Coe (London, England)

Congrats, Jonathan!

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